A habit is an inclination a person develops over time that leads to repetitive patterns of behavior or thought. A habit is usually a subconscious or automatic action, such as biting finger nails or chronic procrastination that one feels a lack of complete control over. Such routines can be very difficult to overcome, as they are usually firmly ingrained in our thoughts and actions through repetition over a long period of time.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes


Most people have a variety of good habits, such as healthy eating or a daily exercise routine and bad habits like overspending or sleeping in late. The good news is that it is possible to eliminate bad habits and develop healthy ones through lifestyle changes and perseverance.

Good habits can be developed by simply engaging in your desired behavior consistently for several weeks. Eventually, the amount of sheer willpower needed for, say, that morning jog can be reduced as the mind becomes used to a new routine. The key to making something second nature comes from forcing the change you desire until the body adapts on its own. Developing a good habit can take as little as a few weeks of concentrated effort.

Breaking a bad habit works in a similar fashion. If you can manage to avoid an undesirable part of your daily routine long enough, such as eating desert if you’re watching your weight, the inclination will eventually fade over time on its own. Unlike attempting to cultivate a good habit, though, further lifestyle changes may be required to break a bad one. Our habits are often triggered by other events in our lives which may also need to be avoided in order to minimize temptation. If, for example someone is trying to avoid buying donuts with their morning coffee on the way to work, a good way to avoid temptation is simply brewing coffee at home instead.

We are not doomed to be prisoners of our habits or routines. Healthy lifestyle changes are a matter of becoming the change you desire, and weathering the period of discomfort through willpower, knowing that in time the mind and body will adapt.

How to Lose Weight


Lose weight and be healthy

Losing weight is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and well-being. Whether you’re trying to shed pounds for health or aesthetic reasons, the body and lifestyle changes brought about by a new approach to diet and exercise will make you feel more energetic, confident, and satisfied with life. Weight loss can appear to be a very lofty goal, and it certainly doesn’t occur overnight, but with the right changes and determination, the process does not have to be a difficult one. Make a commitment to get started today and before you know it you’ll be seeing your progress in real time…

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Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Low carb

One of the most popular forms of diet today are those that seek to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates. Many people find success in weight loss with some form of low-carb diet and there are a growing number of supporters of low-carb for better overall health in general. These dieters avoid things like sugar, wheat, rice and potatoes. Some forms, like the Atkins diet, stress eating almost no carbohydrates. Others, such as the Paleo diet, focus on eating more natural whole foods and avoiding processed in an effort to mimic the natural human diet before the advent of agriculture. The high fat nature of low carb diets promotes a feeling of satiety, and many find themselves eating less and feeling fuller. Carbohydrates also have an effect on the body’s insulin response, promoting the storage of fat and can cause feelings of hunger. More info on that here

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Sleeping in Late

Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Here are some tips to help you get out of bed and begin a productive day!

Trouble Waking Up

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Procrastination Tips

Procrastination Tips

Procrastination is a very common habit that can cause complications ranging from mild inconveniences to full-blown disasters. The idea of delaying action for immediate leisure often seems completely reasonable at the time, especially when a deadline is far enough removed from our present concerns. Putting things off often leads to a reduction in the overall quality of the final work, or sometimes even neglecting our tasks altogether! However, there are a number of steps one can take to make it easier to avoid this bad habit…

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What is a Gambling Addiction

An addiction is a behavior that is pursued in spite of harmful or negative consequences. This behavior can be taking a drug like alcohol or tobacco, or engaging in an activity like over-eating or gambling. The underlying mechanisms of addiction are similar in both drugs and behaviors, and while a behavior such as gambling may not pose immediate physical risks like a drug, the consequences of addiction can be just as devastating. Problem gambling is an issue that can quickly spiral out of control and has the potential to leave a life in ruins…

Gambling Addiction

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Addicted to Games

Video Game Addiction

Habits and addictions can be formed to behaviors just as readily as to addictive drugs, and the consequences can sometimes be just as debilitating. This should come as no surprise, as the basic mechanism by which our brains form an addiction are the same in the case of both drugs and behaviors, such as gambling. Modern video games are a phenomena that’s spreading and becoming more popular at a nearly unprecedented scale. A far cry from their simplistic origins, today’s games are hyper-stimulating, packed with intricate systems of rewards and can easily lead to habit formation in those who aren’t careful. If you think your gaming habit is getting out of control, it may be time to tackle the issue head-on…

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Addicted to Alcohol

Problem Drinking

Alcohol is one of the most widely used, and also abused drugs in the world. When taken in strict moderation, drinking is relatively benign and may even offer a number of health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease. But when abused, alcohol has the power to wreak havoc on all the body’s major organs as well as create a number of difficulties in the life a person addicted to alcohol. There were approximately 75,000 alcohol-related fatalities in the US in 2012 alone. If you’re concerned about your health or the problems caused in your life by drinking, it may be time to consider either quitting drinking or attempting moderation…

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Caffeine is one of the most widely consumed substances on the planet. Its estimated that 90% of adults in North America enjoy some form of caffeine every day. Whether you just need that extra pick-me-up in the morning or love a cup of coffee or tea, caffeine is something many people don’t go a day without. Like all drugs, however, there exists a potential for addiction. While not usually dangerous, caffeine addiction can cause unnecessary frustration in our lives and it may be worth considering cutting back or going without…

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How to Quit Smoking

Why quit smoking? Quitting smoking is the single most important step a person can take to drastically improve their health. In addition to reducing the risk of a number of fatal and debilitating diseases, quitting smoking will improve your overall quality of life, your appearance, energy levels and the balance of your bank account. Smoking offers no benefits to the smoker, yet almost every one of them has made an attempt to quit at one point and failed. Cigarettes are one of the most difficult addictions to overcome, rivaling many illicit drugs, but they are not more powerful than human ambition. Millions of smokers have already successfully kicked the habit, and armed with the right knowledge there is no reason you can’t become one of them…

How to Quit Smoking

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