Procrastination Tips

Procrastination is a very common habit that can cause complications ranging from mild inconveniences to full-blown disasters. The idea of delaying action for immediate leisure often seems completely reasonable at the time, especially when a deadline is far enough removed from our present concerns. Putting things off often leads to a reduction in the overall quality of the final work, or sometimes even neglecting our tasks altogether! However, there are a number of steps one can take to make it easier to avoid this bad habit…

- Make a general plan for the task you would like to accomplish and your ultimate goals. Procrastination is often indecision disguised as laziness.

- Sometimes it’s not good enough to simply plan a starting time for the task you’ve been putting off. Beginning your work right now, this very second, in the present moment prevents any further delay taking place later.

- Often a task seems difficult because we’ve been too vague in the planning stages of the idea. Try to develop some concrete goals or steps to take. For example, “create a resume” is a vague task whereas “step one: search the web for resume formatting information” is a clear goal.

- Be careful not to tie your sense of self-worth into your work. Perfectionism can cause anxiety that fuels procrastination.

- Consider changing your environment. It’s more difficult to focus on the task at hand in an environment where you’re accustomed to relaxing or enjoying your leisure time.

- Don’t focus on the big picture. The only task you need to be concerned with is the step you’re currently on. Break projects into manageable goals and forget about the finish line.

- Remove distractions. Cell phones, facebook, the television, your guitar or the presence of other people can make it difficult to achieve your goals.

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