Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Low carb

One of the most popular forms of diet today are those that seek to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates. Many people find success in weight loss with some form of low-carb diet and there are a growing number of supporters of low-carb for better overall health in general. These dieters avoid things like sugar, wheat, rice and potatoes. Some forms, like the Atkins diet, stress eating almost no carbohydrates. Others, such as the Paleo diet, focus on eating more natural whole foods and avoiding processed in an effort to mimic the natural human diet before the advent of agriculture. The high fat nature of low carb diets promotes a feeling of satiety, and many find themselves eating less and feeling fuller. Carbohydrates also have an effect on the body’s insulin response, promoting the storage of fat and can cause feelings of hunger. More info on that here

Low fat

Low fat diets are traditionally popular, although their effectiveness has been debated recently. Eating less saturated fats is thought to promote heart health and lower the risk of stroke. The body does require some dietary fat to remain healthy, however, and it’s important to maintain an intake of healthy fats. Low fat diets may be successful for some due to the fact that fatty foods are very calorie-dense and minimizing dietary fat can reduce overall calorie consumption.


The Mediterranean diet emphasizes a focus on plant foods and consumption of healthy fats. Wine, olive oil, cheeses, unrefined grains, fruits and vegetables are staples of the Mediterranean diet. It contains little red meat, with most meat being poultry or fish. The diet is widely accepted as both an effective way to lose or maintain weight and promote good health. Stress is also placed on having leisurely meals to be enjoyed with friends and family as a means of stress relief.


Vegetarians do not eat any meat, or in the case of vegans, avoid animal products altogether such as butter or eggs. The diet can be an effective means of weight loss provided the focus is placed on vegetables, fruits and whole grains. It is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease as well as lower overall body mass. Vegetarians do, however, need to be mindful to meet all their necessary dietary requirements through careful planning as it is easy to be at a deficit nutritionally without consuming animal products. Many elect to become vegetarians over ethical concerns about animal welfare.

Calorie counting

One of the most straightforward ways of dieting is simply to count your daily calories and try to keep your consumption under the level you burn. Many popular diets, such as weight watchers, rely on this principal.

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